Are you a Parent or a Teacher of a budding Musician?

Are you struggling with the challenges that come with
getting your child or student to enjoy learning
music theory and it's concepts?


Lets make Learning music theory Fun!

Solo Time Music Games

are specifically designed to help reinforce important music concepts,
& dramatically increase retention of all aspects of music & theory
Your students will succeed faster
in learning music concepts
and do it by having fun!

Solo Time Music Games

have over 25 games that transition
your students from struggling learners
into proficient musicians!


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Solo Time Music Games
are designed to instill a life long passion
and understanding of music and its concepts
through a fun hands on experience.



Natalia Ryjanovskaia, who weekly teaches more than 100 students in the core program of Music for Young Children at MUSICA Music School in Leaside, Toronto, writes:
"I always feel confident offering the games to my students as they have an instant appeal to all age groups, thanks to their bright and colorful images, up-to-date themes and design. Kids feel excited playing the games, some of them are solo games which are great for a quiet review time, some are for circle time, they teach good cooperation skills.  The games earned a lot of positive feedback from parents, many of them ask where they can buy the games for their home use, all find them an excellent way to review MYC concepts taught in class."
Natalia Ryjanovskaia
Music For Young Children
Musica Music School