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Oh my.
I've been on a bit of a vacation from blogging and creating.  Needed a bit of a rest.  I've enjoyed going to conferences and showing what products I have available and sharing my ideas both in class and out of class.

With summer upon us its a great time to see if you need new flashcards from previous purchased products.  Each page is $2.00. 

October Greetings,
It's been a busy fall as I'm sure you have been also.  Not much time to even think about sending out a note although I did find time to fix up a couple of Halloween themed solfege tunes that I had laying around. 

September 2015
Sight Reading Glasses, Feathers and Posters

Happy Tuesday!

Registration and Try it classes are here for new and experienced teachers we are all hoping to fill up our classes for the fall. 
I find this sometimes a stressful time; giving a try-it class expends time and energy and even if they leave with a registration form in hands does it mean they will come back with it filled in and with a cheque to register?

Happy Hot Summer Days
Dear Teaching Friends,
Do you teach when you have the flu?  I do.  I feel I have to teach or there would have been no lessons for days at least that's what it felt like this winter. 
A teaching friend shared with me that her immune system is compromised due to a chronic illness and I asked what does she do then when students come to
Dear Teaching Friends,
May is here and recital is also coming up quickly.  After so many years of teaching I still get stressed out about students being "recital ready."
I have to remind myself that every other year they are ready for recital by the time recital comes.  But I think more than anything I'm worried for them so that they can come away and be

Good Morning,
August has arrived and I'm starting to think about registration.   But, with the weather so warm, company arriving and the beach inviting it's hard to think about fall lessons.  To satisfy my guilty conscience I posted Kijiji and Craigslist ads and next on my list will be to deliver flyers to a couple of new townhouse complexes in my area. I need the