August 2015 - Facebook and Try -it Classes

Happy Tuesday!

Registration and Try it classes are here for new and experienced teachers we are all hoping to fill up our classes for the fall. 
I find this sometimes a stressful time; giving a try-it class expends time and energy and even if they leave with a registration form in hands does it mean they will come back with it filled in and with a cheque to register?
One mom came today and she would love for her daughter to take lessons but time and money are thin. I assured her she would make the best decision whether it was this year or next year.  She was relived that I gave her permission to just take her time and make the right decision for her family. But on the flip side I'm wondering if I'm going to enough students!
Recently in an email from our BC coordinator, Wendy Guimont, gave some encouraging tips on marketing through Facebook. Check out the Facebook tips for some new ideas. 

Have a wonderful last few weeks of August resting and gearing up for a new teaching year.  Keep an eye out for my new solfege songs and activities coming out in September. 


Lois Dicknoether

Solo Time Music Games 

This year I have students making steps towards understanding
 Intermediate Rudiments; as a result I've started (why should I be surprised)
working on teaching aids for this level. 

is a fun teaching aid with a super hero theme.
There are 108 Key Signature flashcards
 from C major (a minor) to 7 sharps and 7 flats.

Once students have comprehended major key signatures up to 7 sharps and flats then switch this teaching aid up and have them determine
 the scale degrees in the minor scales.   It's a dual purpose teaching aid!

Included in this printable are a few other ideas to help your
students solidify their knowledge of scale degrees.
This is available at the Teachers Notebook Store
for only $3.49.

To Market To Market
Have you created your studio Facebook page yet? 
I've noticed many of you have but what are the
 next steps in getting your page noticed?

1) First of all get your friends and family to like your page.
This step is like referrals and easy marketing.
Send out "invites" to everyone on your regular Facebook page to like your page.

2) Create an "Event" like a Try-It class or a studio visit.
Ask your friends and family to "Share" your event on their page.
Even if they live in another city they might know someone in
your city who might see the "Share."

3) You can also pay Facebook to "Boost It" for  

you. The "boost" is posted to your specific area and age group
but I have found that when my friends who shared the event
 with their friends it gets about the same return.

4) Don't forget to:  Create a "Call to Action Button" on your studio
Facebook page where parents can get in touch with you via your website. 

Another great idea from a couple of teachers was to join on
Facebook a few different groups like:
 "Children's Trade and Share" "Free to give a way"
"Women in Business"  "Buy, Sell and Swap" etc.

There are many forums under different names that you can join and you can post a comment about your studio with pictures
 and comment about what you do.
Post there about once a month (don't spam it or they will kick you off). 
There are rules about what you can post for every group
 but most are open to the little bit of self-marketing.

I managed to have three families  come to a try-it class
by posting in these forums.
These are just a few ideas that take little time to help you
 in your marketing efforts.