December 2009- Christmas Recital

Welcome to my new venture in creating a newsletter! 
I hope to keep you informed about new and up coming games and also provide you with some free resources and ideas to use in your studio. 

Only once, 18 years ago did I have a Christmas recital.  One of my students, a little Sunshine and I sat with a bucket between us, in case we had to throw up during the recital. It wasn't a great experience.  But "Flash Forward" (have you seen that show... I love it) 16 years  and I decided to brave it again.  

One of the local coffee shops was big enough to hold all my students and their families.  I talked it over with owners who were quite excited to have the extra Christmas business.  Then on the Saturday before lessons ended, I brought in one one of my digital pianos, families came early ordered lattes, hot chocolates and goodies and we had a recital with solos, duets, ensembles and caroling.  It was a fabulous time and everyone loved it.  It was a great success  and we plan to go back next year for our third time.    

A great resource that I have downloaded and use in my studio are the GIANT flash cards from a wonderful music site called Compose Create.  Wendy Stevens is a composer, teacher, blogger and gifted musician.  Your students will have fun playing games and learning their notes with these cards which are found under teaching resources.

Talk to you again in the new year!
Merry Christmas and many wonderful teaching days ahead in 2010.

Lois Dicknoether
Certified Music For Young Children Teacher in BC
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