Easter and Spring is in the air!

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Spring Greetings!

Spring Break is over! Recital and festival season is quickly coming, I hope you were able rejuvenate during the break so you can face this busy season head on.   I took some time off and did a road trip to California and then flew out to Alberta to care for Jakob while his parents were away finalizing the details of the adoption of an adorable baby boy named Declan!   We are so thrilled to have a new addition to our family.

Listed below are some Easter themed teaching aides some are free and some are inexpensive.  Please check them out. 

Also the most fun I've had with music/rhythm stories lately is with Wendy Stevens of Compose Create and her new Rhythm Cup Explorations.  We've all heard versions of the Cup Song on Youtube and Wendy has done a wonderful job of creating easy to use rhythms with cups in four different levels.  Be sure to check them out. 

Wishing you a wonderful Easter Season.


Solo Time Music Games

Solo Time Music Games

are designed to instill a life long passion 
and understanding of music and its concepts 
through a fun hands on experience.

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Games of the Month

Easter Bunny Footprints

Children choose a foot print and find the keys on the piano. 
There are many different levels including notes and ledger lines. (14 pages of fun)

Also available
Three  levels included in one pdf file for $2.79!

Easter Egg Match UP
Notes in Bass Clef from Low B to middle C

and Treble Clef  - middle C to High C.

Piano         Forte     Fine
Mezzo piano       Crescendo         Legato
Decrescendo       Mezzo forte       fortissimo
pianissimo            Repeat       ritardando
Andante              allegro                   moderato

Mano Sinistra      Mano Destra       Fine
Cantabile              Crescendo         Legato
Decrescendo        dolce                grazioso
Adagio                 accelerando        ritardando
Andante              allegro                   moderato