February 2016 Give It a Rest

February 2016
Give It a Rest. 
Good Morning,
I'm hearing about massive snowfalls out east so I guess I won't comment on the rain out west.  I do hope you are doing well and that there won't be too much trouble to schedule make up classes due to the snowfall.   Cancellations are a fact of teaching piano and sometimes parents don't value our time the same as they do hockey and dance.  A great tongue and cheek and advice article on why you shouldn't cancel lessons is from Wendy Stevens at Compose Create. 

Plenty of Give it a Rest teaching aids have been going out this month.  It's a great way to teach rest placement.   The teaching aid comes in two sizes 8 1/2 by 11 for $12.00 and 11 by 17 for $20.00. Read below how to get a free game. 


I've been teaching the song "Bingo" to my level one and pre-school students and it is a favorite. And I came up with what I think is a GREAT visual aid and It's free!  Did you know that you get points towards your next purchase at the Teacher Notebook Store if you comment when you purchase or download a free item?  It helps me also by giving the store a higher standing.  So if you do print off "Bingo" please comment.  It only takes a moment. 

Mariya is only three and in music class she sits on the bench with a frown.  I inquired about this and found out she is on the autism spectrum.  So I tried to make an effort to make eye contact and encourage her to join in.  Four months later I feel this little nudge and snuggle right in on my side under the ukulele as I played,  I looked down and it's Mariya. What fun it was to have her join the circle on her own accord.  She did go back to the bench after awhile but how wonderful it felt to have her join and know that she is taking in all the musical activities in the class.

St. Patrick's Day is not that far away.  Here is a great little teaching aid for students to learn the value of notes. 

Please remember to comment if you print any thing off. Have a a great day.