January 2010- Composing and Class Time

Solo Time Music Games
Putting the flash in flashcards!

2010 is a new year of teaching and half way through the the MYC year.  Composing is in full swing and this is the part of the year I love to teach.

Lesson time is precious and we often feel pressured to get through everything but during this season we have to choose which element of the lesson will have to wait until composing is over. Never regret giving a child the tools to  compose.  They  will always be grateful to have learned how tocompose and we can always catch up on other essential activities in class when composing is over.  

I have designed a Composing Snowman that I use with each student.  The Snowman gives the children a visual  aid  of what needs to  be accomplished in order to complete their composition. Every child is given the snowman with their name on it and  I tape it in their activity book.  This snowman is labeled with all  the essential elements of composing.  Each week when they come back and have completed an assigned part of their composition I give them a piece of the snowman to glue on.

Last year the  students enjoyed seeing their progress and it helped the parents to understand what was to be accomplished before the composition was to be officially handed in. By the end of 6 weeks the snowman is built and the composition is handed in and the children have a wonderful picture to remind them of their hard work.

If you wish a copy of the Composing Snowman it is in the resource section of this website.

Lois Dicknoether
Certified MYC Teacher in BC
Solo Time Music Games

                               Did you know?  

 Solo Time Music Games are designed to be played by all the students at once, working alongside their parents.

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 Wendy Stevens, a gifted teacher, composer and mom has blogged about some Solo Time Music Game products. Please check it out!