July 2015

Happy Hot Summer Days to you all!
What a great time the Music for Young Children conference was in Halifax. It was wonderful to reconnect with many of you and meet new teachers from all over Canada and Asia.
I had not been to eastern Canada for many years and I spent another ten days after the conference traveling Nova Scotia, Cape Breton and Prince Edward Island with my husband, John.  
The music in eastern Canada is different than this side of the continent.  We do have fiddle music and fiddlers out here but it's just not the same as attending a Ceilidh (kitchen music) in a small hall that is jam packed with people foot tapping and singing along. I was honoured to be entertained by such amazing musicians.  

Soh, mi, re, doh, Soh, mi re, doh, Soh mi, re, doh!
I'm positive that was the crosswalk tune as we crossed the streets of Halifax. If you heard it differently let me know, it became a little annoying afterwhile but in the realm of solfege I've written some new tunes please read about them below. 

Thank you to those who placed orders for games while at conference they are all in the mail.

Jakob and Declan are coming out this week and I'm looking forward to enjoying the hot BC weather with them.

Stay tuned for the newsletter in August about advertising and some new  music games for Intermediate Rudiments.
Lois Dicknoether

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MYC Solfege
I was honoured when Olivia Riddell, President and International director of Music for Young Children choose to print a couple of solfege tunes that I arranged in the new Sunshine One teacher manual.

If you bought the manual you will only see the song but there are many more activities that go with each of the two songs. MYC head office has sent out the link to all the teachers that links you to the extra activities that go with each song via "Sharefile."
Please check out the extra musical fun with the new songs "Dino D" and "Fireman Fred." My Sunbeam students loved doing the actions and adding ostinato's and rhythm instruments over a period of four to six weeks to each song.

But that's not all!
Stay tuned for a new collection of songs called
"Solfege is not a Chore"
coming out in September.
Songs about chores, critters and pickup beats.