May 2015

Dear Teaching Friends,
May is here and recital is also coming up quickly.  After so many years of teaching I still get stressed out about students being "recital ready."
I have to remind myself that every other year they are ready for recital by the time recital comes.  But I think more than anything I'm worried for them so that they can come away and be proud of what they have accomplished and performed at recital.  I wish all of you the best for your year ends as they come to completion.

Speaking of studio year ends now's the time to think of the fall:
 -  Updating your website with new information about upcoming classes for the fall.
- Giving try-it classes
- Flyers in new housing divisions
- Summer camps
- flyers and newspaper ads
- offering incentives to parents who come back to talk about you and your studio and what you have to offer with their friends.  What kind of incentives?  A month's free lessons if a friend of theirs registers, or a gift card. 
- impromtu music class at playgrounds and out door water parks.

Advertising starts now for the fall. Last year in BC we had a teachers strike at the beginning of September I went around my area offering a music camp during the strike. Although I didn't have any camps there were a few students who registered for the lessons. So all in all it was a success.

And back to talking about websites:  Berva Warkenton in Langley BC has a new great website up. It's pretty impressive.  Also check out her registration forms as they are really clear and informative.  I'm taking some of her ideas into my forms.

Have a great recital! 



Lois Dicknoether

Solo Time Music Games