May 2015 - Wear a Mask?

Dear Teaching Friends,
Do you teach when you have the flu?  I do.  I feel I have to teach or there would have been no lessons for days at least that's what it felt like this winter. 
A teaching friend shared with me that her immune system is compromised due to a chronic illness and I asked what does she do then when students come to a lesson with the flu that would compromise her health?
First, in her guidelines to  parents at the beginning of the year she made it clear  that students were not to come to lesson if they were ill.  And if they were I asked?
Then out came her box of "masks." It was her solution for students who came sick or appeared that they were ill or coming down with something.  While masks are not completely germ proof it certainly sends out a message of being considerate about being sick. Did any one have to wear the mask?  Yes, three students chose to wear masks during the lesson as they felt they weren't sick enough to stay home.
Would you wear a mask or ask a student to wear a mask if they came to class sick?  Or put it in your newsletter that masks are available if they feel it necessary to come to a lesson when sick? Interesting idea, I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue.  
I'm finished teaching for the year, recital was a success and started painting a couple of rooms and other various projects around the house, like 20 yards of dirt that has been dropped off to fix up the lawn, I've always been glad that moss is green.
I anticipate that all projects will be completed (I hope)  before I head off to Halifax for the Music for Young Children conference in July. 

See you there!


Lois Dicknoether

Solo Time Music Games 

Wendy Stevens has come out with her second book of Rhythm Cup Explorations.  If you bought the first set in 4/4 time and loved it then the second set with time signatures in 3/4 and 6/8 time with new variations on tapping and sliding the cups I'm sure your students will love it more!
 She has the option to purchase rhythms which are great but I have  digital piano with all kinds of sounds and songs on it and I use them with great success.  
It's a great way to have a summer get together with your students or send them a page  and a cup to play with a friend.