Music Hop Scotch and Market Yourself for Free!

Spring Break is over and now it 's time to plan the final weeks of music, as we wind down to year end recital.   This year is a little  bit different for me, as not only will I be planning a recital but also a wedding.

Our youngest daugther Kaitlyn, is getting married May 8th!   I thought being 20 was too young to get married and then she informed me she was 22!  I don't think I was quite ready to let go!  But, I've worked it through and now I'm in wedding mode and excited for all the activities that go with the big event.

Solo Time Music Games website is now live and includes a shopping cart and more description of the games to make it easier for you to shop and order. Please visit it and check out a free resource for you to use in your classes.

Have a great week!
Mrs. Lois
MYC Certified Teacher
Solo Time Music Games

Music Tips- Music Hop Scotch
One of my favorite things to do when I visit a teacher is to check out their studio, as I know that there are treasures of ideas to take and use in my own classes!  One idea I loved and incorporated into my teaching repertoire was the game of "Music Hop Scotch."  It works well to use in the last few weeks of music, when you are winding down in class or for a music carnival.  
I don't have  have a sidewalk in front of my house, so I cut a white sheet in half and with a bingo marker I drew the hopscotch pattern on it. Then with felt, I cut out large note values- whole, half, quarter notes and eighth notes.
To play the game I place the note vales in the squares and the children  hop and count as they hopscotch through the squares.  
This game is  a great large motor activity and gives the children a full body feel, for how long each note should be held for.

"Market Yourself for Free"

Marketing of "YOU" as a teacher is  probably the most important part of setting up your studio and getting known in your community. The first step in marketing yourself is to set up your website.  

The majority of young parents, who are searching  for music teacher, do not pick up the phone anymore.  Parents who have grown up with computers  find it only nautural  to go to the computer, do a google search for a teacher in their area, go to the web site and then if they like what they read, then they will phone you.
Make the most of your "FREE" marketing dollars that MYC has to offer you and build and update your website frequently.

Website Tips from Lois
1) Save your page often.
2) When using a MAC, you have to download Firefox to work on the site or it gets weird.
3) Go to other teachers website and garner their ideas, if you are unsure of what to do.

Rhythm Sports

Rhythm Sports my favorite game to use in April and May. It is great for sight reading, rhythm development and reinforcing time signatures.This game is fun for the sporty children in your class as it's all about sports with a few tricks and turns for fun. 
I divide the class up into two teams.  Then have each side clap and count out loud their rhythm card, together as a team (I genrerally point for them) and they have to  figure out how many beats to a measure to determine their next move.
For the first 2 weeks, I might help them out with their answer but after a couple of weeks of playing, if one student/parent on the team makes a mistake, either with their counting or determining the time signature - the other team gets to answer, putting the "fun" in learning  rhythm and time signatures.  Watch it live in action on YouTube.