Musical Modes and Scales

Good Morning,
August has arrived and I'm starting to think about registration.   But, with the weather so warm, company arriving and the beach inviting it's hard to think about fall lessons.  To satisfy my guilty conscience I posted Kijiji and Craigslist ads and next on my list will be to deliver flyers to a couple of new townhouse complexes in my area. I need the exercise after enjoying the beach too much this summer.
Every summer I try to take a music course or seminar of some kind.  The last few years I was inspired by Forrest Kinney's "Pattern Play" books and took his courses.  But this year I went to Victoria, B.C.  

I went to Victoria for  a "Play Piano Chords Today"  course by Linda Gould.  She has a unique, creative and positive approach to reaching out to adults who would like to play piano or wish they hadn't quit when they were younger.   The baby boomers are reaching the age of retirement and are looking for something to keep old age at bay.  Playing the piano is one way to keep the brain working.  "Play Piano Chords Today" can be  taught in groups or in a private lesson.  I also had the wonderful experience to see her in action as she taught a piano boot camp for her adult students.  This course might be worth considering if you are looking to increase your adult client base.  Check out her website for a cute way to make a staff pen for your students. 

at the Solo Time Music Games website?
 Check them out and be ready for lessons in the fall.

Lately I haven't posted any new teaching aids but  that doesn't' mean I'm not creating and designing.   I have a solfege series of songs and games coming out and new MYC critter note games but read about my latest teaching aide below designed for your intermediate students.

Have a great August with sunshine and new students knocking at your door.

Lois Dicknoether
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Something New - Modes
Modal scales are becoming more and more popular in music and
music exams and are required for students to demonstrate
their knowledge of them in their theory exams.

This project has been lurking in my computer for several years
and finally feel that its ready to share.

Also included are the Major, minor, melodic and a few other scales! 
You and your students will love having this wonderful teaching aid
to help get a real understanding of modes and scales!

You can print off the 8 1/2 by 11 posters as classroom decoration or
give each student their own copies with

4-6 per page for their personal use. 

This dynamic teaching aide is designed for your intermediate students and is available
for the month of