Returning Students and Dynamic Dice

Sunny (rainy or snowy)  Greetings to you all!


So many types of weather are happening around the country this spring!  Trust not too many of you are being kept housebound by the snowstorms around the country.

The Solo Time Music Games, new (once again) website is now up and running and virus free! Hopefully this little viral incident won't happen again. Keep checking  the site for new games and free resources to use in your classes. 

Trust your registration season has gone well and you are happy with all who have returned.  I have had a few students who have opted to not return.  It makes me sad that some parents will choose convenience over the quality and value of the MYC program.  Private lessons have their place in a child's music education but the benefits of MYC far outweigh private lessons in the early years.

We are in the final week of wedding preparations. YIKES! May 8th has come up quickly.  We are just praying for no rain and a heat wave as our daughter would love to have her wedding outside but the liquid sunshine just keeps on coming and the orchard has so many puddles in it.  But there is a back up plan, so it will all work out.

Contact me for the Banff Conference special and bonus gifts, in this time limited offer until May 30, 2010. 

Lois Dicknoether
MYC Certified Teacher

In class one day, 5 year old Steven, kept asking when class was going to be over.  I just ignore such comments from young ones, especially when the weather is nice, but he was quite persistent and it was getting annoying and the mother was perturbed by his insistence.
Eventually, I asked why he wanted class to be over, the reason?  Because, it was his turn to roll the dice. I had to laugh, as the dice were not going to come out for another 45 minutes!
Every year after spring break, I bring out the Dynamic Dice.

This teaching aid, which I call the Dynamic Dice, is made  out of the bottom of the square milk cartons.  Four milk cartons are cut off at the bottom  and one inserted indie the other. My dice measure 4 inches square, one dice has dynamics  on it and the other dice, tempos.  Two children, each week are chosen to roll the dice, to determine how we  were going  to sing our closing song. 

The Dynamic Dice  puts the "FUN" in singing any song.