September 2015 - Sight Reading

September 2015
Sight Reading Glasses, Feathers and Posters
Good Morning,
It's been a little bit busy, a little bit stressful while being a lot of fun getting ready to teach this week.  Cleaning the studio - spiders where do they come from? And not just the fake kind and how did they get so big? Sorting out games and teaching aids and making new ones.
Starting today at the Teachers Notebook Store the Metronome teaching aid will be free to all who are members of Solo Time Games Teachers Notebook. If you are not a member "join" and you too can get it for free. 

Print one off for yourself and one for all your students and use it as a game.  I play different tempos and students have to guess what the tempo is or put on the metronome at different tempos or a recording. 
It's a great listening and learning activity.

I bought a ukulele in August to use with my preschool classes and it's turned out to be a lot more fun and useful than I thought.   I bought it firstly for support for my singing voice as it feels like my voice is not as strong as it used to be. I haven't started the preschool classes yet but I started using the ukulele in the Music for Young Children classes and it's turned out to be a real hit especially when we sing the  "Yelling Song."   I can play the ukulele louder and save my voice.

That's all for now.
Have a colourful September with music!


Give it a Rest
Quite some time ago my amazing printer made a mistake and printed off the "Give it a Rest" teaching aids in 8 1/2 x 11 format instead of the usual 11 by 17in.
I wasn't sure if they would sell and sure enough they did.    
It was a mistake with great possibilities.   
One of the reasons for the interest in this different size
is that the game is easier to store  
and doesn't take up so much space. 
So I'm offering this month all three levels in 8 1/2 by 11 for $30.00 with shipping included.
(regular size would be $20.00 per game)  
Email me if you want this amazing offer  


Just Some Ideas to Share 
Sight Reading Glasses - I'm sure I heard about using old sunglasses for sight reading at some seminar in the past but didn't get around to having them in my studio.  Recently  a teacher posted a cute picture of her son wearing sight reading glasses from her studio.
Immediately, I went to my toy box and took out all the 3D glasses I was keeping for my grand kids to play with.  Sure enough, I had a set of 6, so I punched out the lenses and made a class set. 
What a great idea!

Thank Heavens for Feathers (picture at this link) - Thanksgiving here in Canada always seems to come so much quicker that I want it to arrive, this year its on October 12.  This game is a great group activity and term review. It is in the resource page called Thank Heaven's for Feathers.


Hang Your Games! This idea came from Michelle Miller from  Edmonton Alberta.  She posted some pictures of her studio on Facebook and on her wall were games from Solo Time!  I was delighted to learn that she uses them not only as decoration for her studio but if you take a look at the picture below shows how she creates easy access.

Thanks Michelle