September Update

September Greetings,

I must have dreamed that I had updated my webpage for fall 2013.  I was pretty sure that I had posted my schedule and prices. That is until a new family came to register and the mother mentioned she liked my webpage but it was out of date.

Sure enough, I went to my webpage and it wasn't updated, it was a dream. I immediately fixed up my schedule and posted some recent class pictures (Of course with parents permission.)

At a recent Music for Young Children conference, Judy Cosgrove the coordinator for Alberta, stated that most parents don't read the content of your webpage until after they have checked the schedule. Parents want to know right away if the lessons they are looking for are going to conflict with the other activities their children are involved in. Content and cost comes later. 

I don't know what your thoughts are but I've noticed a trend as parents are trying to schedule hockey, dance (etc. etc. etc.) and piano  into their child's lives, piano often takes 2nd or 3rd place.  All these activities have their place in a child's development  but I've noticed a shift as piano lessons aren't being considered a priority. Lessons are only considered if the time fits in with other activities.  Perhaps I've been at fault over the years at being too accommodating and shifting my schedule to suit a families schedule, but with all the information out there about how valuable music is in a child's development, I just wonder why it often takes second place. I would be interested in hearing your comments on this topic. Here's a great article on "Why Music Education Rocks!"

Darlene Irwin created a great poster designed for her parents to help them understand how to  help their child be successful in music lessons. Read about it below.

Thanks to the Alberta teachers for their support in August.  Love hearing how you are using the games in ways I just didn't think of. Looking forward to seeing the BC and Sask teachers at upcoming meetings.

May you all have a wonderful year, with classes full and music abounding.


Lois Dicknoether
Solo Time Music Games 

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Game of the Month
  I've been asked if there are new games available.
The answer is yes and no.
 The "Flashcard Games" are still the same but there are more digital printable teaching aids for quick and ready access to assist you better. 
The digital items are found on the
Teachers Notebook website.

Tempo Terms
New to teaching this year?
Tempo Terms are 19 small posters
to decorate your studio with or use as a teaching aid.

Tempo Circles can be used to make your own colourful wall decorations.  This pdf comes with all kinds of words to create an exciting visual presence in your studio.

To Market To Market
Darlene Irwin, a music teacher from Ontario, Canada has a wonderful website called "The Student Music Organizer."  Darlene's website is chock full of tips, tricks and great teaching aids.  This past month she created the best little poster I've seen for her parents that I just had to post.  It's called "How can I help my child be successful in piano lessons."  This poster encourages parents with tips on how to help their child have a great music year.  She's given me permission to post it on the teachers notebook site and for you to download for FREE. 

Be sure to "like" her on facebook as a thank you
 for printing it off for your parents.