Spring 2013

Spring Break is here!  I hope you are able to find somewhere warm to curl up with a good book or do something fun with family or friends.

I'm winding down, looking forward to some sun and beach time.

Check out Cecelia Wong's picture of her adorable son, Curtis, playing a Solo Time Music Game and her wonderful testimony.

Have restful break and a wonderful Easter with family and friends.


Solo Time Music Games

Solo Time Music Games

are designed to instill a life long passion 
and understanding of music and its concepts 
through a fun hands on experience.

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Games of the Month
Easter Egg Match Up Resources

Easter Egg Match UP
Notes in Bass Clef from Low B to middle C

and Treble Clef  - middle C to High C.

Piano         Forte     Fine
Mezzo piano       Crescendo         Legato
Decrescendo       Mezzo forte       fortissimo
pianissimo            Repeat       ritardando
Andante              allegro                   moderato

Mano Sinistra      Mano Destra       Fine
Cantabile              Crescendo         Legato
Decrescendo        dolce                grazioso
Adagio                 accelerando        ritardando
Andante              allegro                   moderato

Sunshine Level with Music for Young Children Critters and Notes $1.99

To Market To Market - Pictures
Cecilia Wong TestimonyCurtis Wong

Many thanks to Cecelia Wong from the MusicBee Academy in Richmond B.C. for sharing this wonderful picture of her son enjoying
Measure Up! a Solo Time Music Game.