Square Marketing

No sooner has April passed when I  start thinking about the fall and how I might market my studio for new students.  I don't use credit cards in my music studio preferring post-dated monthly checks but often parents ask if I take credit cards, especially homeschool parents who receive a credit card with education funds on it to use as payment for their child's activities and interests.  Recently I came across the the "Square Wallet", and I'm thinking it might be useful for more than just Solo Time Games.  I share  my thoughts below in "To Market To Market."

My younger students loved playing this musical Tic Tac Toe teaching aid this week. I'm always trying to come up with new and fun ways to help my students learn the basic's but I was thrilled that in reviewing the terms on this game, they new all the terms and remembered what they were for, even the fermata!  Check it out, it's free.

Many thanks to Marie Ketola for showcasing the Composing Spinner at the recent MYC Nest meeting in Ontario. 

Have a wonderful day and a warm and sunny May.

Lois Dicknoether
Solo Time Music Games

Solo Time Music Games

are designed to instill a life long passion 
and understanding of music and its concepts 
through a fun hands on experience.

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Game of the Month
Pyramid Triads is one of my all time favorite "flashcard" games.
It's designed to help students identify root, first and second inversion.
The cost of this game is $19.98 and on sale this month for $17.00.
Order 6 "flashcard" games and shipping is FREE!

Pyramid Triads
Recently I've upgraded the cards and if I must say so myself
 they are quite cute.
I'm always grateful to Phillip Marten for his great clip art.
Sale of the Month
Solo Time Games at Teachers Notebook
There are many valuable resources for your studio listed.
 One simple idea is to decorate your room with 

They can be printed on coloured paper, laminated 
and posted to create a cheery and bright room.

The GIANT Circle of 5th's

is just that a giant floor model of the circle of 5th's.

Recently I put it up on the wall to help students get
excited about our year end "Circle of 5th's" smoothy party. 
At our smoothy party everyone brings something to put into a smoothy and we make smoothies choosing only five things to put in our drinks from fruit to candy.  (I supply the ice cream and chocolate syrup
which doesn't count as one the five.)  
We've had some pretty interesting drinks over the years.

To Market To Market - Square Wallet

Have you ever heard of the "Square Wallet"? 

I've seen the commercials on TV and didn't pay much attention to it. Until last weekend when I was at a craft fair.  A crafter had this little square attached to her iPad and it immediately perked my interest. I asked what the little device was that was on top of her iPad and she called it the "Square." 
She went on to comment that it was her best form of payment from customers. It was just a swipe, no numbers or name to write down, no time spent on the phone after an event to punch numbers into a phone, just one swipe and the transaction was done AND it deposits directly into your bank account. I like that. 
Time saver. 

So, I went home and ordered one (it's free) and plan on using it for Solo Time Games but the more I think about it, it really could be useful for registrations when parents sign up for the fall and don't have cash readily available. It could also be used for monthly payments.  There is also an app for the phone. 

The only downfall would be the 2.75% per transaction swipe.

I can see it having a lot of potential in making payments easier for parents and holding some accountable. But, I will have to wait and see how many parents would choose to use this form of payment to consider if the loss of 2.75% fee is too costly or worth the convenience.

I would love to hear from you if you are using this product or anything similar.