Tempo and Music Term Activity

Good Morning,
Have you ever made house calls to a students home if they were unable to come to lessons? As a rule I don't make it a habit. 

Recently, one of my students was riding his bike, hit a pot hole and boom went flying off his bike and broke his femur.  A full leg cast, surgery with 3 pins and then another surgery to reset the bone as it had shifted, his mom phoned to say he wasn't going to be able to make it to lessons as he is unable to sit at the piano BUT not to worry he was still practicing.  Here's the picture she sent me of him practicing on an old keyboard. 
As a result I decided that I would make house calls for the next while to hear what he has been practicing and help him prepare his recital song hoping that he will be able to play at recital at the end of May.

One of the activities I did with him was  Rhythm Cup Explorations from Wendy Stevens. I printed up 4 sets of cards, laminated them and then had them bound so I could keep them in order and take with me when I went to his house.  I put some cool rhythms on the keyboard and it was fun getting his whole family involved in keeping rhythm to help relieve some of his boredom.

Rhythm Cup Explorations has been a big hit in my studio group classes and I'm looking forward to using it this week when my private students come to group day. 
Have a wonderful April and may spring actually come to your area!  
Enough snow and rain I say!


Lois Dicknoether
Solo Time Music Games

Solo Time Music Games

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Solo Time Activity

I have used as posters around the class room "Tempo and Music Terms" over the last few years but this year I was wondering how it could become more of a "hands on" teaching aid rather than a decoration.  

I decided to print them in a smaller version  with four to a page and then I made labels so the students could identify what each term was classified under. 

What a great exercise it turned out to be! As students had to think whether it was a tempo or a dynamic.   It also brought great discussion about the term "fermata" was it a tempo or articulation?  What does style mean?

The activity really proved to be one of the best teaching aids I have for helping students identify terms and their proper categories.