Theme Days and Valentines

Where did January go?  Composing is in full swing and now Valentines Day is
coming up.  What to do with theme days while still getting through the lesson
plan but still have the fun component?

It's a balance. For minor theme days (Valentines, St. Patrick's, etc.), I don't go overboard, I save the "FUN" for special times like the MYC Birthday Party, Christmas and year end party. 

At this time of year I'm in the middle of composing but I will play a Valentine Bingo game in the last 8-10 minutes of class. This Valentine's game is for levels 2 and 3. It's fun, quick and easy to use. I use treats as placement markers for the game board (some teachers prefer the small erasers that you can buy at dollar stores to use), which I count out prior to class and place in baggies and then the children get to take them home  and eat them when the game is finished. 

If you would like a copy of the game, please go to the Resource section of the website for a free download.

Last month I sent out the composing snowman and while the final product was my idea I built upon suggestions from Dora Hall and Della Roy. This month  the  Valentine Bingo game uses ideas from Bright Ideas and other teacher suggestions. Check out the Resource section of the website.

Print out, laminate and have FUN!

Lois Dicknoether
MYC Certified Teacher
Solo Time Music Games

Monster Patterns
This game is great to use in January and February to reinforce patterns and as a prelude to composing. I use this game in several different ways.  

1) Students identify the patterns and place in pocket on gameboard.
2) Take flashcard and build the pattern on  tin sheet.
3) Play the pattern at the piano which allows them to hear that not all patterns sound the same.

When you purchase a Solo Time Music Game, one game board is  enough for a class of six.  There are sufficient flashcards for all students to  play  the game at the same time.