Website and Wedding

Who would have thought creating a Website would or could be just as stressful as planning a wedding?
Well, I'm in the midst of doing both. I appreciate the learning curve involved in learning how a Website works and all the work that goes into it.  And sometimes I just wish someone would take over and do all the work. But the wedding, well, it's not my wedding, it's my youngest daughter, Kailtyn's wedding,  so I'm having to learn to let go. Because, I could organize the wedding very well and if everything was under my control, all would go smoothly, but it's not my wedding.
As my oldest daughter, Melissa (who is already married,) told me, to daily remind myself that "it's not my wedding" and say it over and over until I've let go of control, again, another learning curve.
Letting go of control of certain events, that I could do very well and accepting the learning curve that goes with business, are growing pains for me.  I thought when you reached a certain age you could do it all and know it all.  Turns out I'm wrong on both accounts.
 I'm learning patience as sometimes things just don't get done on my time schedule.  I thought I had acquired patience when I had children but I guess that was a different kind of patience.  And then some days, I just wish I could hire someone to do all the work but what would I learn if I did that?  
So, what have I learned?  That is doesn't matter what age one is, you are still learning certain skills and redefining old ones and if you aren't learning then you must be dead.