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Good Morning,
Have you ever made house calls to a students home if they were unable to come to lessons? As a rule I don't make it a habit. 

Recently, one of my students was riding his bike, hit a pot hole and boom went flying off his bike and broke his femur.  A full leg cast, surgery with 3 pins and then another surgery to reset the bone as it had shifted, his mom

Good Evening,
I can hardly believe August is half way through and I'm so not in teaching mode. It's been a great summer so far the weather is hot late into the evening which makes it hard to get in the studio to clean it up and organize.  I'd rather be sitting on the deck visiting with friends.

My first priority for summer memories was visiting Jakob (my grandson

No sooner has April passed when I  start thinking about the fall and how I might market my studio for new students.  I don't use credit cards in my music studio preferring post-dated monthly checks but often parents ask if I take credit cards, especially homeschool parents who receive a credit card with education funds on it to use as payment for their child's activities and

Rainy Greetings from B.C.!
I am ready for some sun! The sun made an appearance a couple of weeks ago but definitely not long enough for me to remember what it felt like. Hopefuly all this rain means it's going to be a hot summer.

Although, it must be hot in California as the strawberry's are appearing in the stores. And in honour of strawberry's, new this month

Spring Break is here!  I hope you are able to find somewhere warm to curl up with a good book or do something fun with family or friends.

I'm winding down, looking forward to some sun and beach time.

Check out Cecelia Wong's picture of her adorable son, Curtis, playing a Solo Time Music Game and

Welcome to March!
February came and went and I didn't get a