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Spring Break is over and now it 's time to plan the final weeks of music, as we wind down to year end recital.   This year is a little  bit different for me, as not only will I be planning a recital but also a wedding.

Our youngest daugther Kaitlyn, is getting married May 8th! 

March Greetings!
Wow, what a great experience the Olympics have been.  I thought I would only go into Vancouver on a couple of days but no I was caught up in the excitement and mayhem

Olympic Greetings from BC!
The Olympics are in full swing here in B.C. and the excitement is high.  What an honour to have been selected by the ticket lottery to get tickets to go!   As a result we are off to see bronze metal hockey and figure skating.
Compositions are in the mail and my students are thrilled with their composing torches and

Wendy Stevens of ComposeCreate has blogged about Solo Time Music Games.
Wendy is a gifted composer, pianist and teacher in Andover, Kansas, USA.  Please follow the link to read the blog then check out her excellent resources to use in your studio.

Where did January go?  Composing is in full swing and now Valentines Day is
coming up.  What to do with theme days while still getting through the lesson
plan but still have the fun component?

It's a balance. For minor theme days (

Solo Time Music Games
Putting the flash in flashcards!

2010 is a new year of teaching and half way through the the MYC year.  Composing is in full swing and this is the part of

Who would have thought creating a Website would or could be just as stressful as planning a wedding?
Well, I'm in the midst of doing both. I appreciate the learning curve involved in learning how a Website works and all the work that goes into it.  And sometimes I just wish someone would take over and do all the work. But the wedding, well,

Welcome to my new venture in creating a newsletter! 
I hope to keep you informed about new and up coming games and also provide you with some free resources and ideas to use in your studio. 

Only once, 18 years ago did I have a Christmas recital.