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Happy New Year!
I do wish you all the best in all your musical and personal endeavors in the coming year of 2013. Some of you raise families and teach and some go to school, raise a family and teach, or some of you work and teach.  But whatever you do in your lives and busy schedules, I wish you all the best in what ever your pursuit may be.

Pinterest somedays is just a waste of valuable time BUT I do love it! 
So many great ideas and projects to do.
One teaching aid I saw and created was with a paint stick!
You know the kind to stir the paint in the paint can.
I made some circles with critters and the C scale fingering

There is a chill in the air and Christmas songs have begun to be practiced. It's hard to believe that the holiday season is only weeks away. I was shopping this week and noticed that Christmas music is already playing in the sound systems at the mall. I'm not sure I'm ready for all the hustle and bustle yet.
November Greetings,

I trust you have survived Halloween Week in your studios. I don't teach on Wednesdays so conflict was avoided with the fun of the night and Thursday's class was a "sugar" high day.  I  had planned Halloween activities for these classes  aiming to work with the sugar and go with the flow by amping up the activity.  It was all good.


Wow! Is summer ever going by quickly! I can hardly believe it's the middle of August already. This is the time of year when we begin thinking about new and returning students, lesson plans, new teaching aids to order and more.

With regard to new students I recommend every teacher read how B.C. teacher, Claudia Muir, put QR or Bar code advertising on her flyers. (See below.)


Welcome to (almost) Summer! Are you on Pinterest yet? Pinterest is the newest form of social media but unlike the friendly chit chat of Facebook or the quick comments of Twitter or the business thoughts on LinkedIn, Pinterest is like a cork bulletin board, only online. It is for pinning (posting) or re-pinning pictures of things that you find interesting or wish you had of thought of yourself. In the same way that you would pin photos to your board on the wall, you can pin photos of your favourite things on your Pinterest pin board.

March Break - Been and Gone Happy Spring! It seems like March break came and went so fast I hardly knew what happened. What with a week on the sunny beaches of Mexico, a quick trip to Alberta to see my grandson, Jakob, piano parties and filling orders to go to Korea, the whole month has just flown by. Thanks to Ok, kyu huh for arranging the order to Korea, I know the teachers will be grateful to get their games. I trust and hope that you are able to take some time off to rest and relax as we head into spring, summer and year end.

Dear Teachers, Friends and Followers,