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The song "River River" by

Sandra Poolton an MYC  teacher in Elmira, Ontario suggested this fun activity to use in class.  This is a fun and easy way to review finger numbers.

What's the difference between direct mail and social media?
Direct mail is a call to action. In direct mail you want your target customers to call you. On your mail out, have your e-mail address, website and phone number easily readable so your customers know how to contact you. Direct mail is like a sales call on paper so be sure it contains the message you want your customers to hear crafted in the most concise way.

Greetings from a new Grandma,

Solfege is one of my favorite activities to do in class.  It's important for a number of reasons.   Solfege helps students learn to sight sing a piece of music and it's great for ear training.


Does your website include testimonials?
Testimonials are an important feature on your web site.
1) They are comments taken from your parents that talk about your work ethic and how you have affected their child's love of music, nurtured and developed it.   And they brag about how great you are!
2) Testimonials help your potential parents build trust in you and establish credibility.
3) Keep testimonials short and to the point.

The Pattern Play Books by Akiko and Forrest Kinney have put a whole new level of fun into learning to how to  improvise.  I was quite inspired after attending one of their seminars so I set up some summer improv camps for my students. This is a brief out line of what I did.
Session 1 1/2 hours

I'm sure most teachers who have been teaching for many years know how valuable the coloured milk caps can be in your first years of teaching.  There are lots of expenses in the first year and the milk caps are a teaching aid that can help you create quick easy and affordable game to help you make music lessons fun.

At conference I was  asked if I had a game that  taught stem placement.

I don't have a  game  but I do have a teaching aid that was given to me by

 Wendy Guimont (coordinator for MYC in British Columbia)

I've included a picture.

Warm Summer Greetings from BC,

Traveling from one music conference in California to another one in Banff, Alberta made for an awesome July. One conference left me inspired to teach improvisation to my students and the other one, ready to tackle marketing to get more students in the fall.