Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I use music theory games in my music students?

  • Learning music theory is critical to understanding music. These hands on flashcard games put the "FUN" in learning.  Each game introduces and reinforces a specific music concept.  By putting the "FUN" in learning, the music student doesn't know they are learning difficult theory concepts and that these concepts will  stay with them forever.

What can I expect from using Solo Time Music Games?

  • Using music games in your lessons will keep your students attentive and wanting to come back.  By putting the "FUN" in learning, children are excited to learn and music becomes alive and wonderful to them.

How many music students can play at one time?

  • There are enough flashcards in each game to be played by up to six children at one time, in any group music lesson.   Solo Time Music Games is a great addition to the private music or theory lesson to help music students learn all concepts of theory.

How long does each game take to play?

  • Each  flashcard game  takes only as as long as you wish it. Solo Time Music Games are designed to be quick and easy.   When the flashcards are used up the game is over or start again!  Everyone wins with Solo Time Music Games.

Some games have pockets on them.  What are they for?

  • Some games have pockets attached to the gameboard.  The pockets increase the "FUN" in the game.  When students have determined the correct answer, they slide the flashcard into the pocket. Splash Cats, Critters go to Camp and Out of Space and Lines are a few of the games that  have pockets.

What is the gameboard and flashcards made of? 

  • Flashcards are either printed on 60 or 100 pound cardstock  and all gameboards are on 100 pound cardstock.

Are the gameboards and cards laminiated?

  • All gameboards and cards are laminated with the  EXCEPTION of  "Give it a Rest!" 

Do I pay taxes?

  • No, the taxes are included in the cost of the game.

Do I have to put the games together? 

  • All flashcard games require some assembly from cutting the flashcards to some assembly in the game Pyramid Triads. 

Why do I have to cut the cards? 

  • The extra bulk created from the cutting of the flashcards, increases the  height of the package which increases the cost of postage.  Flashcards can be cut for you at an extra charge and the extra postage.

What if I order 10 or more games?

  • If you order 10 games postage is FREE!  

How much is postage?

  • Postage is $15.00 per order  within Canada and continental USA.   

What if I live out side of Canada and the USA?

  • Please contact and we will talk over the shipping options to get the games to you as soon as possible.

Will there be duty or customs?

  • Yes, if your games are shipped beyond Canada, they may be subject to customs or duty.  You will be responsible for these charges once they arrive.

Can I return my games?

  •   You may return your game for a restocking fee of $5.00 per game.  All games must be returned  in the same pre-sale condition as you recieved it.

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