I LOVE your games! They're so professional looking and the kids love them. I've already used quite a few to rave reviews from the students. Thanks - and I'm now one of your faithful followers.
Roxanne McGahey, Music For Young Children teacher and Coordinator
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Dear Lois,
My compliments on your acheivement and creativity for creating games that helped my child and my students learn their notes.  Thank you also for your FREE teaching aids.  Your newsletters are inspiring.
Kathy Wiens
Sounds Good Music Studio's

" I can strongly recommend Lois Dicknoether as the best musical games creator I have ever known. Her games are outstanding for their color, the imaginative concept and their entertaining value. Once you have become acquainted with her unique games, you will find them unmissable! "
Samantha Yoon, MYC Teacher
Edmonton, Alberta

Hi Lois,
You make my teaching life so much easier. THANK You!
It's wonderful to have teaching aids that help my students understand many different music and theory concepts. The colourful gameboards come with many different flashcards and are quick an easy to use.
Thanks again,

Caroline Lenk, MYC teacher
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Dear Lois,
I love  the fact that I do not have to create or make games for my students!  I just don't have time and your games are colourful and the children are excited to play when I bring one out.
Solo Time Music Games are quick and easy to use and most games don't take up much time in class.  Music concepts are quickly understood and comprehended through Lois' games. 

MYC Teacher 
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

My students  loved Valentine Bingo and  I wanted to tell you that my classes LOVE Monster Patterns.
It's been the most popular game so far and a great help for composing!
Love your work, it is so creative!!

Michelle Miller, MYC Teacher
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Hello Lois,
Thanks so much for Valentine Bingo. It was a hit! I find your games easy to use (just some cutting required). As the students are playing, I see the lights going on!! And they love them! When a new game comes out I see the smiles break out.
It is great! It sure simplified my life by picking up one of your package deals which gave me a wide variety of concepts for each level. At the last minute it is so easy to pull out a game!
Keep up the good work! You make our job so much easier and fun!

Joan Mallory, MYC Teacher
Sundridge, Ontario, Canada

Thanks Lois for the free download of Tin Sheet Cards
I had been having students do the opposite, to come up with how many different words they can make with the notes on the piano, this gets them focusing on learning notes the same way, but Tin Sheet Cards is such a great game concept and all the work is already done for me!
Thanks, I wasn't thinking out of the box. The cards are really colorful and my students love them.

Toni McGuire aka Lady Toni

DAISY ROCK ARTIST http://www.daisyrock.com/artists

I just unpacked my new games tonight and am so pleased with all the games I purchased from Solo Time Games. Just categorizing them as I type. I especially love the little pockets you've put on the back to contain the flash cards. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much for being a part of our conference. Your energy and sense of humour inspire me constantly!

Beth Nicholson MYC Teacher - Calgary, Alberta

Thanks so much for the excellent games made available for fellow teachers & families ~ I surely don't know where you find the time: teaching, games & maintaining your top-notch Solo Time Muisc Games website plus being a wife & mom ~ WOW! You are appreciated!
Robyn Bohn
MYC Teacher - Lake Country B.C.