Dear Mrs. Lois,
Thank- you for making music education fun!  My students loose their fear of learning complicated music concepts once they have played your games.
The parents always comment on how bright and colour the game boards are.
Thank you
Paula Rose
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hi Lois,

I just wanted to thank you for your newsletters and aids/games that you send out.
You have great ideas and presentation and I just wanted to let you know I
appreciate that!!

Enjoy the month of December and all the festivities and fun that the Christmas
season brings!

MYC Teacher, Lethbridge Alberta, Canada

Hi There!
I became acquainted with Solo Time Music Games through my involvement with MYC, and I viewed your materials at one of the meetings I attended.  Your ideas and games are truly inspiring, and I enjoy reading your newsletter!
Keep up the wonderful work for our young students!
Lisa Solnik

You are doing a marvelous job-- I really appreciate your ideas.
The new teachers don't know how lucky they are!
Judy Ritchie
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Hi Lois,
My name is Jacqueline Touchie and I teach in Edmonton (been teaching private for over 35 years now and MYC for almost 10).    I just wanted to say a great big THANK-YOU for posting the free games you have.   I bought a ton of your games about a year ago at our annual meeting and really like them - the kids think they're fun and don't mind playing them more than once.    You're a very creative and giving person.   Thank-you sincerely, for all you do.

Thank you Lois, for sending the valentine games via Marilyn Unrau!  You know how to spread the love!  They gave my classes an extra sparkle!

Happy Valentines Day to you!

Thx Lois!

"I love Solo Time Music Games by Lois and use them all the time in my class! The kids love the colorful game pieces and different themes...especially the games with pouches or 3D pieces!" Jackie Ohnander, Golden BC

:) jackie

Jackie Ohnander
250 439 7066


Dear Lois,

Thank you for the lovely games and the wonderful free resources you’ve made available to us lucky teachers. Your newsletters and YouTube videos of the lesson demonstrations are very inspiring. Thank you again for all you do, you’ve made MYC teachers’ lives so much easier!
Wendy Oui

Dear Lois,
Thank you so much for the Articulation Tic Tac Toe game -- it looks awesome.  Perfect for the end of year games repertoire too!  Happy end of the year and all the best for a great summer with your beautiful grandson:)  Incidentally,
I use the music sports game, the squirrel and their time signature nuts and the splash cats games ALL of the time!
Just love them
Kate Hofherr
Vienna, VA
MYC Certified Teacher

Hi Lois,

Just wanted to thank you for offering the bright and colorful Easter Egg Match up game. I think I will give it a try and give some of my old Easter games a break. Appreciate your creativity and sharing.

Happy Easter,

Lori Scott