"Thanks again!
I find the kids need more reinforcement with Bass Clef notes than Treble Clef notes. So this game is great:)"

Kelly Stein
Simpson, Saskatchewan, Canada

I love your games, Lois!!! Monster Patterns and Rhythm Sports board game are favorites of my students and I have used many of your free resources too!!!! The finger number game is so terrific! I so appreciate that you take the time to offer that to us!
Michelle Walker Miller
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Hi Lois,
I got my games today and I wanted to thank you!
They are all wonderful and I was quite surprised at how quickly they came!
Thanks again,
Joyce Hein


Hi Lois,
It was so nice to see you at the conference.  Please don't stop what you are doing.  Your games bring so much love and joy to our music lessons.  I love all the games you make and I am always trying to promote your games when ever people ask where I got your games. 
For example, I had this transfer student who was preparing for their preliminary rudiments who had trouble understanding how to add rest to complete the measure. Once I pull out the "Give it to rest,"  the student finally understand how to group it.  The parent was so happy that his son finally understood.  And the parent wants to Thank you for it!
Take care,

Dear Lois,
Thank you so much for your games!  My students have loved learning the concepts you present in your games.  Thanks for the effort that you have done to make learning these theory concepts simple and fun.
Sandra Michales
San Diego, CA.

Dear Mrs. Lois,
Your students must just LOVE you.  My students and myself appreciate the creative talent you have put into creating games.  They are bright, beautiful and concept specific.  Quick and easy to use.  Love them!
Dianne Henkel
Houston, Texas.

Thanks, Lois!
You are a gem! And, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the wonderful teaching ideas you send out. They help a fairly new MYC teacher like myself more than you could ever know.
Lana Buschert

MYC Teacher in Cochrane, Alberta Canada

Wow Mrs Lois!
You are a gem!  I am so excited to have this aid and use it as part of my summer camps this summer.  What a great way to bring inclusive fun into the traditional game.
Samantha Johnson
Winston, Texas

Thank you so much for the Farmer in the Dell singing game pictures/teaching aid.  I would have never thought to do this and it just makes the song more visual and entertaining for the children.  I will use it in the fall when school starts again.
Kathy Sorenson
Cambridge, England

Thank you Lois for your generosity!
The Major Minor game that you gave all the MYC teachers at our Rockridge conference is fabulous!
You really know how to make learning and teaching FUN!!!
Tracy Galavan