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Have you ever used the "Easy!" button

Relationships and Chocolate

February can be a month of dark and dreary skies but it doesn't mean classes have to  be.  If you haven't already, download and use

Good Morning,

The snow came, school

Are you thinking about the fall 2011 yet?  Now is the time!  It's never to early to be marketing your studio before September comes around.

Here are a few tips and ideas:  

It can be a struggle to get children and their parents to understand how important finger and arm strength is when playing piano.  This exercise helps with making strong fingers so children will be able to get up on their finger

Snowflakes and Sunshine Greetings to you all!

A question asked of me lately was "What do I do with students who don't celebrate Christmas? This situation is one that I try to address when parents first register their child. I inform parents that I do hold a Christmas recital and party and during this season their child is welcome to practice a secular song.

The choice to participate is left up to the parent's. It is a parents

Never be fearful of another music teacher who moves into your area.  


I have learned that  marketing myself  and my