About Lois

Who am I?
I'm a mom to three grown children Melissa, Andrew and Kaitlyn and a passionate music teacher. And more recently a grandma to Jakob, who brings me much joy and laughter. Also added to our family last year was a little guy named Declan and he sure is a sweetie and spitfire soul in one little body.  Love him.

A Little Bit More...
I am a  music teacher in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. I have been teaching music to children for over 30 years, and it is my desire that all students have a well grounded understanding of music and its theory concepts so that they can enjoy, play, and comprehend what they are playing.

I am a certified  Music for Young Children (MYC) teacher
http://www.myc.com/teacher/LORVIS and have taught the Canadian based program for 23 years.  In the MYC program, games are used to help  students understand a variety of music concepts.
Even though games were available to purchase for my students, I never felt that they met my needs as a teacher with limited time in the class.  In the MYC group classes games must be quick and lots of fun with a little dose of theory thrown in. Most games took up too much class time. As a result, I started designing teaching aids and flashcard games that met the immediate theory concept of the day.

For Teachers and students the most important thing was to design these aids and games lots of fun, quick and easy to play as time is crucial in an hour group lesson or 1/2 private lesson; as a result; I produced a series of flashcard games.
Solo Time Music Games are designed to teach theory concepts through the use of flashcards and game boards to create the element of "fun".  These flash card games take an average of three to four minutes to play, and allow everyone to be a winner.  Everyone plays at the same time answering their own flashcard.
My desire was that my students are to have "fun" while learning music theory.
With my experience of teaching both privately and in the classroom, I’ve been able to test and evolve these games into a product that is fun, durable, colourful, and entertaining.  The best part is that the students aren’t even aware that they are learning difficult theory concepts!
With the help of a graphic designer and printer, these games have reached a whole new level of product.  Pockets were created on some of the game boards giving students another element of "fun" as children place their flashcard in the pocket.

With Solo Time Music Games, I'm hoping a whole new world of young music students will find great pleasure in learning theory and understanding music and its concepts to a greater extent. 

When you order eight or more games  postage is free within Canada and USA.

What do I like to do in my free time? 
Well now that I am a new grandma, I hope to be spending my time enjoying my new grandson and on the side, I love skiing, hiking, traveling.