Air Hugs! January 2013

Happy middle of January to you!

A student of mine told me last week she was only giving me an air hug, rather than the real thing. She explained that she still felt a little sick and wasn't going to touch me but still wanted to give me a hug. What a great idea! I love air hugs, especially when students are not feeling well or are sick.

The incidence of flu is at an all time "epidemic" high this year and I felt I had to lay the law down this year. Please read my recommendations in the section below on what I'm asking parents to do this season.

I have really enjoyed teaching  this January. The composing season is such a rewarding time in the musical year. Some compositions come with thought and purpose and some come with just a bunch of notes on a page but regardless each composition is a great teaching opportunity, spending a few minutes with each child in class guiding them in their creative process.  During the "Solo Time" with each child I put out a game for the rest of the children to play along with their parents.  The "Measure UP" series are the featured games this month with an awesome deal to get Four games for the price of three!

Students and parents have loved the "Composing Spinner", as guides them through the steps that it takes to complete their composition. Thanks to all who purchased it!

My FREE GIFT this month to chase away the January blues is Hot Cross Buns, a solfege activity and Chop Chop, a rhythm activity in 6/8 time. Students particularity loved the "OFF" portion of "Chop Chop"  ostinato.

All the best in keeping "flu" free,

Lois Dicknoether
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Games of the Month
Measure Up  
The featured games this month are the Measure Up Series. Up to six players can play these fun games and they are designed for four different levels.  Students roll dice and move around the game board collecting different note values to fill up their two measures. The first one to clap and count their two measures correctly wins!
Note values vary between games:
Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 are in 4/4 time and Level 4 is in 6/8 time.

Right Now you can
Order Three and get the Four FREE!

Only until January 31st, 2013.
To Market To Market - Air Hugs!

Flu Season

Back in the day before technology offered so many solutions (not to mention distractions - but that's a different subject) when a child was sick or on vacation I would pop in a cassette tape in the recorder and tape the class  for the family to listen to at home. 
It wasn't ideal but it worked. 

Flash forward to 2013...
I knew there was another use for my iPad (or laptop) in class.  This year I found it. Because this winter's flu is so rampant and so serious, I have asked my students' parents to not bring their children to attend classes if they or their child is sick.  

I sent out links to my Google Plus account, Facetime and Skype letting them all know that  they are welcome to join the class through these electronic means if they are sick or on vacation.

I also have a bottle of hand sanitizer and wipes readily available for everyone's use and have let them know that if they have sniffles "air hugs" are the best. 

My experience with these formats:
Google Plus is great for more than one student to attend a class online.   
Facetime is the best but it's only good for one student and someone who uses Mac computer products. 
Skype is slow and delayed but will do in a pinch.