June 2010

Good Morning!

June is here! Summer is just around the corner, now if only the rain would stop and the sun shine, all would be good and summer could officially begin.

I trust your year end recital's went well and according to plan. There were a few glitches in mine but nothing that didn't make the recital more entertaining.  The children were very excited and for some of them performing for the first time was a huge accomplishment. 

I like to take pictures of my students and our activities all year long and at our year end  recital when everyone is devouring the goodies, I have a slide show; reminding them of what a great year we had. 

I make a point to include parents in the pictures along with the  children, so guests can see how important parents are to the MYC program.  The slide show is also a great tool to take to tradeshows and events where I'm am promoting my studio.
I'm looking forward to meeting many of you at conference.  Come by our booth and drop your business card off for a chance to win a Solo Time Music teaching aid.

Have a wonderful June and may the sun shine upon you and your families.

Mrs. Lois

 A new resource has been posted at

                              Solo Time Music Games - Wikki Stix
                  This is a great teaching aid to help your young muscians
                              learn  the names of the keys on the piano. 
           Match the flower to the correct key on the piano with the Wikki Stix's.
                          Click here to find out more about  Wikki Stix!

  International Justice Mission is an organization that I'm proud to be a part of.

IJM " is a human rights organization that rescues victims of violence, sexual exploitation, slavery and oppression. A multi-national team of law enforcement professionals and a highly qualified legal staff conduct criminal investigations and collect evidence to rescue victims and bring perpetrators to justice". 
  I have a passion for women who have no choice and no voice in the oppression that is perpetrated upon them.  I support IJM in the fact, that they not only represent women from around the world but are also active in helping and supporting women in the sex trade industry right here in B.C. and through out Canada.   
Solo Time Music Games is honoured to support this organization.