May 2010 Recital and Marketing Tips

Dear Teachers and Friends,

The closure of another  musical year is almost at hand.  Final recital preparations are in the works, encouraging young students to memorize their's such a great skill to learn and don't stop and look at me if you make a mistake, just play on, pretend it's part of the song.
When you finish, bow, smile and if you completely forget your song, I will hand you, your music and help you get started again. You will be wonderful and I will be proud of you!  Not because of how you performed but because you got up and gave it your very best. 
Every year, I say these things to my students, letting them know that I believe in them.  I believe, that getting up and playing one little song helps them on their journey towards self esteem and performing in any aspect of life in the future.  My goal as a teacher is to not only teach music but to give my students the ability to get up in front of people and do their very best and the best time to start this skill is in the safe environment of the piano recital.

Thank you for your kind responses as Kaitlyn's wedding day approached.  The wedding went off with out a hitch.  The orchard was still a little soggy and I kept sinking in my heels backwards but  it dried out enough that everyone else could walk fine and it was a wonderful day.  The sun shone and the wedding planner was worth every dollar, I felt I was overpaying her. I would encourage every bride  and their family to use a wedding planner, it certainly took a lot of stress off of me and allowed me to enjoy the wedding without thinking about all the details.


Have wonderful musical year end! 
Mrs. Lois

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Telus Flyer

One day in the mail a Telus flyer came and I opened it and opened it and opened it. And immmediately, I saw the "play value" in this "fun" ad put out by Telus.  
The ad had butterfly's flying around a TV set.  I decided to do a term review for SB 3's.  I pasted the answer near the butterfly's with the term and googled some cute caterpillars and put the answers on them.  The children then matched the caterpiller to the butterfly. A "FUN" and "EASY" teaching aid            

Marketing Tips- "What Recession?"

Over the past few months I have been reading about the recession.  The recession has been in the headlines and causing concern among business' and talked about among  teachers.   But we need to realize  that   "not everyone was hit by the recession!"    There were and are people making money during and after the recession.  If you are experiencing recession  woes among potential and future clients, (complaining about your prices, etc)  it means you need to find people who were NOT hit by the recession."  I have spoken  about this before in previous newsletters and I encourage you to once again to not to undersell yourself. 

"No one forces us to change our price to fit the market,"  Collen Francis stated in her MYC webnair a few weeks ago.  She also stated that we "Don't have to take the mindset of lower price to get students!"   Why recruit people with no money?  It might sound a little harsh but there is some truth to her statements.    Search out new markets. Find out from your returning parents which communities (sports, church, etc) they are involved in and find out how you can get involved with them or get your flyer into that community.  It takes a bit of work but it will pay off in September.

Catching Critters is the game of the month.  A great value for your dollar in that you recieve three games for the price of one! This teaching aid is to  use with your MYC students ages 3 and up.  Check it out, your students will love you for it!