Good Evening,
I can hardly believe August is half way through and I'm so not in teaching mode. It's been a great summer so far the weather is hot late into the evening which makes it hard to get in the studio to clean it up and organize.  I'd rather be sitting on the deck visiting with friends.

My first priority for summer memories was visiting Jakob (my grandson) and then I was off to the California Music Teachers conference with MYC, then a Pattern Play seminar in Portland, Oregon with Forrest Kinney and now back to Alberta to see Jakob and attend a conference with the Alberta Music for Young Children teachers August 27th.

British Columbia is not known for it's hot summers and I'm not complaining   but I did get inspired to create this cute rhythm chant in 5/8 time about rain to take your students on a musical adventure mixed compound time.  The printable is a chant called Raindrops and Puddles and included is an extra page for your students to compose their own chant in 5/8 time.

Have a wonderful end to  your summer before you start getting back into the swing of organizing and teaching.  All the best with plenty of rest and summertime memories.


Lois Dicknoether
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I also have updated the
Very Important Numbers Gumball machine teaching aid.

Students match gumball numbers with Roman Numerals
Black and white and now in  colour.
To Market To Market - Star Wars

I ran across this wonderful little Youtube channel that has easy rhythm ensembles to cool tunes that your students might identify with.  Here's the link to an easy rhythm ensemble for Star Wars.  Any young musician will be inspired to keep a steady rhythm with this  version of the Star Wars theme.