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Colleen Francis was an inspiring seminar presenter at the Banff conference. She encouraged us to all stay in contact with our students throughout the summer.  One way she suggested was to send out a postcard to each student.  

Even though summer is a time for kicking back and enjoying the well deserved rest that comes from a busy teaching year, in the back of our minds registration for the fall is always lurking around. Keep in mind that every one you come in contact with is: 1) a potential person who may become a client 2) someone who may possibly refer you to one of their friends. So when you shake their hand you are "shaking hands with their entire community." Always be aware of who you come in contact with, they could be your next great lead.

A wonderful Sunny Day to you and a warm welcome to all the new MYC teachers who have completed their training this spring. MYC is a great program. There is a lot to learn in your first year but don't be afraid to talk to a seasoned teacher if you are feeling overwhelmed or need ideas, they can help you get through your first year with ease and confidence. I have just returned from the California Music Teachers Convention. It was a wonderful experience, learning about all the new materials coming out and meeting many of the composers who wrote the material.

Sunshine and Strawberries!

Dear Emily,

I'm so proud of the progress that you have made in your music lessons this year.  As exam day approaches, I was thinking about how to encourage you to practice over the next couple of weeks and here are my thoughts.
From now on, Don't Practice!  YIKES! That's right I said "Don't Practice!"  Forget about practicing!

Good Morning!

Dear Teachers and Friends,

Sunny (rainy or snowy)  Greetings to you all!


So many types of weather are happening around the country this spring!  Trust not too many of you are being kept housebound by the snowstorms around the country.

Many teachers have been asking for a list of which concepts are used in each game so here goes in alphbetical order.

Bee-Fore, Bee-After and Bee in the MiddleMusical alphabet review for all beginning levels of music students learning about music.
(SS1, SS2, SB1, SB2, MB1)

April Greetings,
It's a new season out here in the west coast. Spring is early, daffodils are blooming and the multitude of bushes flowering around the city is such a welcome site.  Unusual, for this year and a month early,  were the flowering of the Japanese plum trees during the Olympics,  one of the reasons why they called it the "Spring Olympics" instead of the Winter Olympics.