My gift to you

Add stems to these notes!
Notes on the middle line can go UP or Down!
Remember you may paddle and dive (p's or d's) but NEVER BBQ your notes! (NO b's or q's)
Print up this fun teaching aid and hand out the erasable...

Here is a little chart for Dynamics within the classroom or studio.  It's kind of a fun thing to post, I put it where the parents could see it.

Clap out these rhythms for a sweet little music game. Use valentine treats to put a little incentive to listen closely to the rhythm and then to identify it. Play a few games of Tic Tac Toe and then finish it off with a game of black out. Let every one win at the same time by...

Sweet things happen with this Valentine Bingo Game. Use some valentine treats for game pieces and start off with a game of tic tac toe and then move on to a game of black out.
This printable can be found at

I've been fixing up my composing files and recreated some of my old resources. Here is an updated version of my Composer Tricks. I only teach a few of the tricks and #6 - Diminution and #7- Augmentation I only teach to classes that are really keen. Print, laminate and have fun teaching...

Play some tunes for your students to listen to and have them determine if you are playing major or minor  by showing you which side of the puppet - Happy or Serious - you are playing.

Use this Snowman to help your student finish their composing.
Each part of the snowman represents a part of the song that they have to complete.
Print up both pages. Give each student their own snowman on the blue paper. Cut out the white snowman page and hand out pieces of the...

Use these word cards as a teaching aid for your students to learn their notes in the treble and bass clefs.
Print, Laminate and Learn!

Build these snowmen on your tinsheet or find them on the piano!

Print, laminate and name your notes! Ledger lines included.