Hi Lois,
Thank you so very much.
I was just laminating my Give it a Rest game today and thought about you.
I'm organizing my fall games and just love your games.
I hope you realize how much the games mean to a lot of us MYC teachers.
Thank you so much for your work on these games.
Have a great summer,
Cheryl McDonald
Music For Young Children- Ottawa

Thank you for all the wonderful and new games to make music learning fun! It is so much easier to teach kids when they don't feel like its hard or realize they're actually learning! The games are so bright and colorful and I absolutely love all your fresh ideas! Solo Time Music Games have made my job so much easier! Thanks again!

Amy Halvorson
MYC teacher, Cold Lake, Alberta Canada

The Solo Time Music Games that I have used in my studio have been enjoyed by all of my students.  The younger ones LOVE to Catch Critters (Catching Critters) and Go to Camp (Critters Go to Camp), while the older ones have benefited from Burger Intervals!  Lois' games are colourful, imaginative and easy to use....being laminated, I don't have to worry about damage of any sort. 
Thanks, Lois, for designing these games and for making them available to all MYC teachers!  Your games have helped me help my students. 
Keep up the good work!
Yvette Deniset, BA, MNRM, MYCC
MYC Teacher Winnipeg Manitoba

After purchasing Solo Times Music Games at a conference I was thrilled to be able to have such professional looking games. Everyone asks if I made them - thinking I am such a whiz at all things music. "No" I tell them, "my friend Lois at Solo Time Music Games makes them. She is an awesome teacher and taught my daughters foster son a  few years ago".
They (the students and parents) are always so thrilled to play games and the games always go right along with what they are learning. Never too hard - just right. Thanks Lois for working so hard for us teachers and making learning fun.
Robyn Crosby
MYC Teacher Lake Cowichan BC

Natalia Ryjanovskaia, who weekly teaches more than 100 students in the core program of Music for Young Children at MUSICA Music School in Leaside, Toronto, writes:
"I always feel confident offering the games to my students as they have an instant appeal to all age groups, thanks to their bright and colorful images, up-to-date themes and design. Kids feel excited playing the games, some of them are solo games which are great for a quiet review time, some are for circle time, they teach good cooperation skills.  The games earned a lot of positive feedback from parents, many of them ask where they can buy the games for their home use, all find them an excellent way to review MYC concepts taught in class."
Natalia Ryjanovskaia
Music For Young Children
Musica Music School

Thank you so very much for these great Hallowe'en games! It's a treat for me as well as the students to have something new! These games will help keep our Hallowe'en party classes fun while still giving the students and parents a quality learning time.
Happy Hallowe'en!
Alison Moodie
MYC Teacher, Oakville, Ontario

I absolutely LOVE all the games I got from you!
Brenda Stewart
MYC Teacher

Surrey, British Columbia

Dear Lois,
Thank you so much for your great games. 

Jennifer Miles
Yelm, Washington State

Thank you for your wonderful games. My students are really enjoying them!  Thanks for the newsletters too.  Lots of good things to think about.
Great to see your grandson's photo.  Such an exciting time of life!  These little ones are so precious.

Thanks to both you and Susan Archer for the games.
Jeannette Borstad
MYC Teacher
Grand Prairie, Alberta